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Pre order the début GOLDBLUME album right now!


Back in 2015, I put on Goldblume’s first gig. It was supporting Tellison at the Corner House in Cambridge. I’d known Tim the bassist from work and he’d mentioned he had a new band. Figuring it was easier to see them if I just put them on my own gig – as well as hoping they’d pull a decent amount of punters as it was their first show – I gave them this gig.

They were genuinely great.

They were far from perfect, but you could tell straight away that they had stacks of potential. They self-released their début EP – Real Nice – a few months later and, like that first gig, it was great but not the finished article. You knew the band had talent and just needed to hone themselves a bit and they’d be on fire.

Then they honed themselves a bit and were, in fact, on fire.

I saw them many times and watched them get better with every performance. When the time came for their second EP – 2017’s Go Figure – I was on board to release it on the label. I’d heard these songs live and wanted you to all hear them too.

Again, this EP was great but you knew they could be better still. The Fawning single from later in the year was proof of this as it was a step above the EPs. So, with planning started on the début album, could they keep getting better?


Even line-up changes – drummer Grant left the band to be replaced by Bouquet of Dead Crow’s Neil, until a permanent substitute could be found – couldn’t quell the band’s creativity and the ten tracks crafted for HUSK are, yet again, a step above previous efforts.

The current line-up – drummer Matt, the aforementioned Tim, and vocalist/guitarist Jethro – are three of the most talented and passionate people I know, and I am genuinely honoured to call them my friends.

I love HUSK. I’ve listened to it countless times since the band sent me the finished audio. I can’t wait for you to hear it too.


The band celebrate the album’s 9th November release, with a gig the night before at the Portland Arms, Cambridge, with support from Birmingham’s Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam and Peterborough/Leeds-based FES.


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Remember Molasses? They’re back! In Pog form!

So, I run the occasional gig. Nine times out of ten it’s for a band who has released stuff on the label. One such band is Molasses. With Alessia now living in Finland – and Katie still in the UK – the band is mostly dormant, but they would be reunited in July for a few gigs. Obviously I was quick to sort something, with this Simpsons-referencing poster.

Molasses Poster

With this being me, however, that wouldn’t be enough. As such, I present to you…

Molasses Pogs

KRUMM101 – Molasses – Complete discPOGraphy – released as 4 custom Molasses Pogs with a download code for their 20-track discography.


Remember Molasses? They’re back! In Pog form!

These will be available on Friday. If we have any leftovers, I’m sure the band will take some for the rest of their gigs, and I’ll take some for this very website.

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Long overdue post!

I always leave it way too long to ever post anything on here, so here’s another long overdue post!


Those of you who pre-ordered your Constant Fiction LPs should have them by now. Thank you so much for pre-ordering and making this a reality! We have a few extras, so if you were slack and still want a copy, get in touch with Ben or myself and we can sort something.


Dan has a new single, Dust, available from his Bandcamp page; as well as new tour dates announced alongside Ed Poole. There’s plans for a new EP in the not-too-distant future, too.

Tragical History Tour

Deek is, as always, insanely busy. In fact, today he’s off to Ireland for a few shows.

Clown Smash Everything + Project Mork

These two Norwich noise-makers have announced a few dates together for mid-July.

False Adults

We did some writing/demoing recently. We’re still a alive.


The début album is out in November. Keep an eye out, seriously big things afoot here.


This will be great. Slow, but great…

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GDPR notes

I’ll keep this brief as you’re all, no doubt, sick of GDPR related messages.

You should now see a Cookie Consent pop up the first time you visit the site, which contains a link to what cookies are and what is done with them.

We’ve also now got a full privacy policy on the site.

If you’re wondering why you’ve not received a GDPR-related email from us… I deleted the mailing list, including all the personal details contained within.

ADDENDUM: I’ve now deleted all order data and all customer data, so rest assured that I no longer have any of your personal data.

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Aaahh!!! Real Updates

As it’s a nice, sunny, day; I figured I’d sit here inside listening to Hobo Johnson and write y’all an update:

KRUMM086 – Tragical History Tour – Aphorisms – LP / CD
All formats are in stock and ready to go. All pre orders have been dealt with by Make-That-a-Take Records, but we’ll have them on sale as of tomorrow. The LP will also be “officially” available everywhere – Amazon, HMV, indies, etc – as of Friday 1st June.

KRUMM093 – Newts – I / II – Tape
Our original plans fell through due to an issue with the manufacturer. I’ve since made a new order with a new supplier but they’re also having delays. Newts have a Cambridge gig on May 11th and we’re aiming for that as the launch gig. Pre order a copy now.

KRUMM097 – Lay it on the Line – The Black Museum – CD
These have been ordered and are in production. There will be a “proper” release – through all channels such as Amazon, etc – on Friday 29th June but we’ll be posting our copies out in May. Pre order yours here.

KRUMM098 – Tim Holehouse vs. Malcolm Tent – Split – CD
I’m picking up my copies of this tonight so I’ll put them on the store tomorrow. The digital release will be next Friday, where it’ll be available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

KRUMM099 – Jake Martin – 1,555 Syllables That Mean Everything – CD
All ordered and in production. These will be out on Friday 4th May although we’ll probably have a pre order for the CD in the next week or so.

This is going to be sweet…

That should catch you all up on everything for now! Sorry for the delays.