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OUT TODAY! Moonstrips “Glimpses” LP

Happy release day to Cambridge psych/garage/rock three-piece Moonstrips, whose début LP “Glimpses” is available as of today.


Orders will be sent out on Monday as – in a few hours – I’m meeting up with the band to assemble everything! Exciting times.

You can also buy it digitally via Bandcamp, with other digital platforms – iTunes, Spotify, etc – coming asap.

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On Friday, we released Demo 2016 by my own band, Superstars of Track and Field. We’ve got a few CDs left after our gigs at the weekend, so you can now buy them online for just £2.

Superstars of Track and Field – Demo 2016 (CD)

I’ve also added a couple of new items to the distro. The amazing 12″ EP from Bristol post-rock threesome The Earth and Me, as well as some classic stock from Rooftops.
The Earth and Me – S/T (12″)
Rooftops – S/T (CD)
Various – Sea Shepherd Benefit Split (7″)

Limited quantities of all of them, SO BUY NOW! #capitalism

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In stock and now shipping…

Even though it’s not “officially” out for ages, the tapes and CDs of Tim Holehouse‘s “Odd/Even” album are in stock (i.e. boxed up in my flat), so any orders will be shipped now.

I’ve also got the stupidly limited Tim Holehouse “Just” 10″ – limited to only 27 lathe cut copies – and the brand new Asher Baker CD album, “The Way Back”.

All orders will be shipped asap.

As for forthcoming releases, you already know about the Heartwork album – as your Kickstarter generosity funded it – but here are a couple of hints for other releases…

  • A cassette compilation of a Welsh pop punk trio’s early works
  • A cassette of a brand new, yet authentically retro, duo

Any guesses?

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So many it deserved a title all in caps! You can now pre-order the following:

JUST – ultra limited lathe cut 10″ vinyl | digital

ODD/EVEN – CD or tape | digital


Just is out later this month. Odd/Even is ‘officially’ out in October, but you’ll get yours way early (i.e. I already have the CDs and tapes here, so may as well post them out now).

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Buy Tim Loud’s new CD RIGHT NOW!

Yup. The ‘official’ release date isn’t until May, but you can order a copy of Tim Loud’s brilliant new album – What Am I? – right now. The best bits? You’ll get an instant download of all nine tracks, and your CD should arrive in a few days. WAY ahead of the proper release.

Check it out in the all-new Aaahh!!! store right here.

And, y’know, buy other stuff whilst you’re there..