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GDPR notes

I’ll keep this brief as you’re all, no doubt, sick of GDPR related messages.

You should now see a Cookie Consent pop up the first time you visit the site, which contains a link to what cookies are and what is done with them.

We’ve also now got a full privacy policy on the site.

If you’re wondering why you’ve not received a GDPR-related email from us… I deleted the mailing list, including all the personal details contained within.

ADDENDUM: I’ve now deleted all order data and all customer data, so rest assured that I no longer have any of your personal data.

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Aaahh!!! Real Musings…

I’m just sitting here awaiting the arrival of Derrick aka Tragical History Tour so thought I’d write a few things down because #websites are supposed to have #content, yeah?

The label is very quickly approaching release number 100. This is a stupidly high number and I never planned to get this high. It’s also a massive milestone and – whilst I’ll probably never admit it to anyone face to face – I’m actually really proud that the label has carried on for this long. I did genuinely consider jacking everything in at number 100 though. I’d planned catalogue numbers that took me up to KRUMM100 and that was going to be it.

I was self employed and struggling for work, and the label was a massive financial drain. Make no mistake, this label loses money hand over fist. This is something I do because I love my friends and love their music, not to make money. I just didn’t have the funds to keep covering everything, and was perilously close to maxing out both my Paypal Credit account and my credit card.

I’d spoken to very few people – mostly notably Ben “B” Sydes who is always, always, there for me when I need to moan about the state of the label and my finances – about how I didn’t think I’d make it to the end of 2018 and how KRUMM100 would be the end.

Then I got offered a new job.

I haven’t started yet – that should happen in the next fortnight – but having a regular source of income alongside my freelance work is, frankly, a much-needed dose of financial security that I personally – and definitely the label – need.

Without even realising it, my list of upcoming releases had surpassed KRUMM100 and currently stands somewhere near 105 (I think). I hadn’t consciously backtracked on my plan to shutter the label, I just found myself getting excited again and agreeing to release a few more things.

Don’t get me wrong, I always loved the label, but it’s hard to get excited by something that costs you hundreds upon hundreds of pounds when you honestly can’t afford to pay the rent and your next day of paid work is over a week away. But hey, I’m not after sympathy, this is the life I chose after all.

So… what will KRUMM100 be? Y’know what? I’ve still not decided. Possibly Asher Baker’s new album as his first was KRUMM050. Possibly Tim Holehouse’s new album as he’s the most prolific artist on the label. Possibly some sort of compilation. What I do know, however, is that we’ve gone from number 100 being the end of the label, to being a celebration of the past – and the future – of the label and I, for one, am happy about that.

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Happy Christmas and all that

Happy Christmas to all of you. Just a note that I’ll be away from 18th December until the end of the year, so any orders made during this time won’t be posted until the new year.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but I wanted to give y’all a heads up.

Thanks for a great 2017, and I’ll see you all in 2018.

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As part of my commitment to be as nice to you lot as possible, I’m now offering FREE SHIPPING on any orders over £30 (in the UK, otherwise it’s £40 for Europe and £50 for the rest of the world).

Add everything to your cart as usual, and select the Free Shipping option.

Thanks as ever for your support.

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Site updates

Firstly, there’s a small handful of MC iPod x Dronic tapes leftover, so grab yours today!

Secondly, I’ve added a couple of links to the top of the page. Gig Tickets for the occasional time I’ll run a gig (next up: The Kominas in Cambridge on 17th August) and Discogs, which links to my Discogs seller page. You’ll find Aaahh!!! releases (although it’s cheaper to buy them direct from here) as well as second hand bits and pieces I’m selling. Take a look, yo.

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We’re Back

Hello everyone. Welcome to the all new Aaahh!!! Real Records website. As you may have noticed, it’s a tarted-up WordPress and is mostly a shop but let’s be honest, you’re only here to buy things. If you want info and news and that sort of thing, there’s Facebook and Twitter.