Aaahh!!! Real Class of 2017 Bundle


Get everything we’ve released in 2017 for one cheap price. Very limited quantities.

  • MC iPod – Prom Night 2002 (CD, usual price £4)
  • Tim Holehouse vs. Kaleb Stewart – Split (CD, usual price £9)
  • Clown Smash Everything – The Bombs are Getting Closer (CD, usual price £8)
  • Mega Ran – Extra Credit (cassette, usual price £6)
  • Tragical History Tour – Old Words (CD, usual price £4)
  • Goldblume – Fawning (download code, usual price £1)
  • Heartwork – Things I Wish I’d Said (CD, usual price £10)
  • BONO! – No Escape (black 7″, usual price £6)
  • A Great Notion – Responsibilities (CD, usual price £5)
  • Tragical History Tour – Come on Home, Hero (white 7″ flexi disc, usual price £5)
  • Tim Holehouse & Tourette Boys – Kill (CD, usual price £6)
  • Goldblume – Go Figure (CD, usual price £4)

plus a handmade CD including all three digital False Adults releases from the year (I’ve Wondered Sometimes, Whether I Could be a Rapper mixtape, 204863 Trioxin single and What’s in the Box single; usual price £5 for downloads of all of them)

The combined price for all of this would be £73, but you can grab this mega bundle for JUST £50! Saving a massive £23.

If that wasn’t enough, this qualifies for free shipping to anywhere in the world and I’ll chuck in some extra stuff too.

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