Postage Info

As you may or may not know, Aaahh!!! Real Records is run by one dude in between working various jobs and trying – unsuccessfully – to have some sort of ‘life’. As such, it might take me a few days to get to a Post Office. Your order is definitely coming though! If it’s been over a week though, and you’re starting to get edgy about it, feel free to email me and ask.

Updated June 2017: I’ve kept postage rates the same in the UK, which is to say you’ll get charged one flat rate fee, regardless of how much you order. I.e. order an LP and anything else, and you’ll just pay £3.80 postage. For any orders outside of the UK, I’ve had to increase the rates. Sorry for this, but it wasn’t sustainable to charge a flat rate of £5 for postage, when particular large orders were costing me £20 to ship (this was actually happening). You will now be charged the previous flat rate, plus a surcharge dependent on how many items you’ve ordered. I am genuinely sorry, but I couldn’t afford to subsidise it so much any more.

Updated July 2017: You can now get free shipping, depending on how much you spend. Any UK orders at £30 or more qualify, if you’re in the rest of Europe you’ll need to spend £40, and it’s £50 for the rest of the world. Just add your items to your basket and select the Free Shipping option in your cart.

Please note: if your package gets returned to me (and I’ve spelt your address correctly) then you’ll have to pay the postage again to get it re-shipped; otherwise I’ll refund your order (minus the original postage cost). Sorry if that seems shitty, but it’s even shittier if I have to keep re-posting things at my own expense because you gave me the wrong address, didn’t bother to go to the Post Office depot, etc.

A note about pre orders: if your order contains a pre order, your whole package will be kept back and sent once all the items are ready. If you need your other items earlier, please make a separate order for the pre order item.