Bad Egg – Serotonin Flush (Demonstration #01111991) [CD]


I first met Bad Egg’s guitarist Chris Walton (aka Sourface) when he was on tour with Tim Holehouse. They were playing in my garden on a Sunday, and needed somewhere to crash on the Saturday night.

There also happened to be a Ring of Honor PPV on the Saturday, and Tim had mentioned Chris was also a wrestling fan; so I suggested they come up on the Saturday and we watch the show. Needless to say, Chris was stoked.

Chris mentioned his band back in Canada called Bad Egg. They sounded dope. I said if they ever needed any help in the UK to let me know.

Fast forward a year, and Bad Egg are about to embark on their first UK tour. This CD collects their original “Serotonin Flush” demo as well as a couple of singles.

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CD in full colour card wallet
Released by Aaahh!!! Real Records