Brightr vs. Tim Holehouse – Split [tape]


Tim Holehouse has a knack for touring with some amazingly talented folk. It was through Tim that I met the late Kaleb Stewart and Malcolm Tent, for instance. I was most definitely pleased, then, when Tim informed me he was planning a split alongside former tour-mate Brightr.

Brightr contributes five new songs and a cover of Tim’s Gainesville City Limits. Tim contributes two brand new songs, a previously unreleased live recording of the aforementioned Gainesville, a demo of a Brightr-inspired track from the forthcoming Year album, and a cover of Brightr’s Mark Strong.

These are half-pink-half-blue cassettes, with double sided ‘flip-able’ artwork.

Includes a download code for the entire tape plus a bonus track.

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Half-pink-half-blue cassette with download code
Released by Aaahh!!! Real Records