Goldblume – Sleep On Your Side [CD]


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I always struggle to describe Goldblume. The easy way would be “three piece rock band”, but I feel that’s doing them a disservice. I could throw “grunge” into the mix, but I don’t want to give off impressions of Kurt Cobain wannabes. I could say “alternative rock”, but I don’t want you to picture Creed (even though, if you squint, Jethro sorta looks like a younger and prettier Chad Kroeger). So I guess I’ll just say this: Goldblume are flipping brilliant.

This is their second full length, following on from 2018’s début HUSK. Released in a digipack with 8 page booklet, and limited to 150.

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CD in digipack with 8 page booklet
Released by Aaahh!!! Real Records