Harrison Rimmer – Live at Fortyfive Vinyl Cafe [CD]


I’m a hard nut to crack. By that, I mean I get lots of people wanting me to listen to their music, and most of them don’t get very far.

When both Tim Holehouse and Dan “Heartwork” O’Dell endorse you, however, then I’ll pay attention. And that’s the story of how I got to know Harrison Rimmer!

With his début album “Larkholme” already released, we look to the future and to album number two. In the meantime, here is a nice little EP, recorded live at FortyFive Vinyl Café in York.

Anyone who buys this will be given a chance to sign up, for free, to the Harrison Rimmer x Aaahh!!! Real Records bootleg club; where we’ll send you free, high quality, recordings of some of Harrison’s gigs, as well as some unearthed gems.

CD + T-SHIRT BUNDLES AVAILABLE DIRECTLY FROM HARRISON: https://harrisonrimmer1.bandcamp.com/merch

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CD in full colour card wallet
Released by Aaahh!!! Real Records