PRE ORDER: Heartwork – Things I Wish I’d Said [LP]


Two years ago, we released Things I Wish I’d Said. The début album from Heartwork. It was only released on CD though. People asked for a vinyl and – having worked out it may, just, be possible – we’ve complied.

THESE WILL ONLY GET PRESSED IF WE GET FIFTY PRE-ORDERS. Otherwise y’all will get full refunds.

We’ll give this a month or two to reach the magic fifty, otherwise we’ll refund everyone in full and this won’t happen.

If we do get 50 pre-orders though, then we’ll be getting 100 copies pressed on black vinyl, along with full colour booklets.


To sweeten the deal, anyone who pre-orders will get an exclusive bonus CD – Cutting Room Two – completely free. Cutting Room Two features a collection of covers, demos and rarities from Heartwork.

So, to surmise: £15 (plus postage) will get you a limited-to-100 LP of Heartwork’s “Things I Wish I’d Said” album, plus a bonus “Cutting Room Two” CD. BUT ONLY IF 50 PEOPLE PRE-ORDER! So tell a friend.

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Black vinyl LP with booklet
Released by Aaahh!!! Real Records