Leevil – No Sleep Til Pedro [tape]


Leevil’s first album – I’m Gonna Smash This 8 Track – came out in 2017. His follow up, An American Caretaker in London, didn’t come out until 2022. 4th November 2022 to be specific.

To ensure there would be far less time between albums 2 and 3, the legendary Mike Watt challenged Leevil to write and record an 11-track album in just ten weeks.

It went to the wire, but Leevil managed it and – exactly 365 days since Album #3 – No Sleep Til Pedro was released digitally. An eleven track album of experimental electronica, featuring appearances from Tim Holehouse, Yusuf Tary (Slabdragger), Benedict Edwards (Miocene), Mike Watt himself, and a load more.

Now, we’re proud to finally release a physical version. Slime green cassettes with full colour printing, full colour J-cards and clear green cases; and limited to just 25 copies.

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Slime green cassette
Released by Aaahh!!! Real Records