Malcolm Tent – The Multiple Moods of… [LP]


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A compilation from anti-folk-punk extraordinaire Malcolm Tent, featuring tracks from 14 different bands and projects that Malcolm has been a part of in his 30+ year career.

  1. Broken Talent – My God Can Beat Up Your God
  2. King Hatreds – Come Dance With Me
  3. The Bunny Brains – On the Floor Again
  4. Bobby – Clean the Club
  5. The Malcolm Tent Power Duo – Spin the Wheel
  6. They Hate Us – Abudadein
  7. BB Gun – Pink Puddle
  8. The Residents x Malcolm Tent – The Wonderful Shoe Salesman
  9. Fried Man – Don, Glen, Van
  10. Ultrabunny – Flipper Rule, OK?
  11. Numberstation – The Trine
  12. Cone Toes – Are You Ready to Rock with the Cone Toes?
  13. Antiseen – Sabu
  14. Malcolm Tent – Hail Satan!

These are pressed on random coloured vinyl, and our copies are a grey marble.

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Grey marble vinyl LP
Released by TPOS Records