Tim Holehouse – Zen [CD, MD]


The Tim Holehouse A-Z Series – which, you may have guessed, isn’t exactly in order – enters the letter Z with the release of “Zen”. Possibly the most bizarre album Tim will ever release.

Featuring guest appearances from Minutemen’s Mike Watt and Bad Egg’s Stacie Jones – as well as Aaahh!!! label mates Chris Mork, Chris “Sourface” Walton, Frank Fiott and Leevil – this eighteen track album clocks in at a mere thirty minutes.

How to describe Zen? Just listen. My vocabulary isn’t wide enough to find the words.

Limited edition of 30 mini Tim Holehouse little books of Zen! Ten with the album on CD, ten with the album on double mini CD, and ten with the album on Minidisc.


CDR, 2x mini CDR or Minidisc with ‘Little Book of Zen’
Released by Aaahh!!! Real Records

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CD, double mini CD, Minidisc

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