Various Artists – Fake Punk Records of 1977 [CD]


In the words of TPOS Records owner Malcolm Tent:

A collection from the last days when sleazy, fly-by-night, record companies could record cheap album knockoffs exploiting the latest musical trend.

Enjoy this 16 tons of (mostly) badly done ersatz punk rock. For maximum rock-n-roll effect, stick a safety pin in your cheek and watch the punk rock episodes of Quincy, CHiPs, and Star Trek before listening.

  1. Christ Child – Let ’em Eat Rock
  2. Christ Child – Star Whores
  3. Christ Child – She’s Just a Bitch
  4. Christ Child – Crazy, Dirty, and Dangerous
  5. Handbag – Breakfast in Berlin
  6. Handbag – The Wrong Knock
  7. Handbag – You Are My Destiny
  8. Handbag – Superstar Car Crash
  9. The Vacants – Television Viewer
  10. The Vacants – BDA
  11. The Vacants – Misuse of Love
  12. The Vacants – Worthless Trash
  13. Los Punk Rockers – 17
  14. Los Punk Rockers – Anarchy in the UK
  15. Los Punk Rockers – God Save the Queen
  16. Los Punk Rockers – EMI

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Hand assembled CDR in jewel case
Released by TPOS Records

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