Pro Wrestling EAST – PWE The Music: Vol. 1 [CD]


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  1. LXE – E.A.S.T. (Pro Wrestling EAST main theme)
  2. Goldblume – Fawning (Frank Fiott theme)
  3. Anonymous Tip – Chug the Bug (Sanj Surati theme)
  4. ghosts of sadako – Live in Dread, Girl (Charli Evans theme)
  5. Lay it on the Line – Aim High (Kyle Fletcher theme)
  6. Portland Big Ones – Old School Expulsion 2020 (Peter Nixon theme)
  7. BTF Productions – The Headline (Will Kroos theme)
  8. Chris Bevan – Singh is King (RJ Singh theme) *
  9. Lay it on the Line – The Last One Out (Beau Belles theme)
  10. LXE – Know Me (Truman Roswell theme)
  11. OPRHVN – Gatur (Scotty Rawk theme) *
  12. Dynamite and Dinosaurs – Pitbulls on Parade (UK Pitbulls theme)
  13. BTF Productions – Nobody Does it Jetta (Jetta theme)
  14. Phinius Gage – Phoenix (Out of the Ashes show theme)

* previously unreleased

In addition to Aaahh!!! Real Records, my ’empire’ also includes the wrestling-themed record label Conchairto Records, and co-owning Cambridge-based wrestling company Pro Wrestling EAST.

So consider this a whole load of my interests smooshed together in one convenient package!

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CD in full colour card wallet
Released by Conchairto Records